Grace Community Church of Riverside: To take Jesus Christ to lost people and lost people to Jesus Christ

Men's Ministries

If you’re tired of a soft Christianity that’s left you thinking church is for wimps, we challenge you to participate in Men's Ministries. Jesus Christ was radical in a go-along to get-along world and we choose to follow his example—we want radical lives in an all-too-often mediocre world.

You can join one of the men’s Platoons, where in-depth study and encouragement occur. You can also participate in periodic activities that help you live out the principles you’re studying in being a leader and guide, protecting and nurturing your family, and challenging others.

Maybe stretch your comfort zone a bit—choose to leave a lasting mark. Take a mission trip to give practical help to another people group, church or ministry in need or put your hand to a shovel here in the states during national disasters. If these ministries don’t appeal to you, become God’s vehicle for initiating a new ministry.

You don’t have to leave your masculinity at the door at GCC. We’re looking for real men to take up the challenge of Jesus Christ to be light and salt in our world.

Ironman Mission Mexico Trip


If you'd like to help in this ministry, please let us know ONLINE. If you prefer, you may call our church office at 951-352-8685 or include a note on your registration card Sunday morning.