Grace Community Church of Riverside: To take Jesus Christ to lost people and lost people to Jesus Christ

Every new recruit undergoes training in preparation for service. New Christians may feel totally unprepared to live a life that honors God. We're here to reassure you: it's not that difficult when you grasp the assurances God gives you. Even "old" Christians might need to get back into shape if they've forgotten the assurances that empower the Christian walk. We offer 5 weeks of basic training in:

  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Assurance of Answered Prayer
  • Assurance of Victory over Temptation
  • Assurance of Forgiveness
  • Assurance of Guidance

The class runs in the Fall and Spring. Check our Calendar for more information.

Why Boot Camp?


If you'd like to join in the next Boot Camp, please let us know ONLINE. If you prefer, you may call our church office at 951-352-8685 or include a note on your registration card Sunday morning.