Grace Community Church of Riverside: To take Jesus Christ to lost people and lost people to Jesus Christ

Hi! We’re Scott & Christina Abts, the sponsors for the Grace Jr. High ministry.

As we work with Jr. Highers, we’ve come to appreciate some of the fears and difficulties they face. Our ministry is geared to give them a safe place to be themselves, to be valued and to grow through some life transitions.

We are committed to making the church experience a good one for your son or daughter! We know that it’s difficult for them to see the Bible as a useful guide in a changing world, but our goal is to communicate how practical it is.

When they visit, the first thing they’ll likely notice is all the people they DON’T know. Please don’t let this scare them off. Our hope is that they’ll also notice how hard we work to make them feel like they belong. We do this in lots of ways: a Sunday morning intern program, an action-packed Wednesday evening program, camps and activities are all part of the effort to help them find a home at GCC. Our church calendar is a great way to keep on top of Bible studies and activities. Contact us, attention Scott & Christina Abts, Jr. High Directors, if you have further questions.



If you'd like to help in this ministry, please let us know ONLINE. If you prefer, you may call our church office at 951-352-8685 or include a note on your registration card Sunday morning.