Grace Community Church of Riverside: To take Jesus Christ to lost people and lost people to Jesus Christ

We have watched a number of organizations that claim to serve God in missions-type work over many years and have great confidence in supporting Samaritan's Purse as an organization that truly seeks to glorify God.

When major disasters hit communities and we are each moved to help financially but may not know how best to give. Samaritan's purse is a safe alternative to "being there." They are often the first reponders to disaster sites, bringing the love of Christ through an efficient organization of basic supplies. Another arm of their ministry provides medical care where there are great shortages. Further efforts are made to help farmers in third-world countries obtain livestock that can guarantee their survival. And the list goes on.

If we have the time and means, Samaritan's Purse also makes it possible for us to participate by organizing logistics for volunteers to help on site during major disasters. For example, those with medical backgrounds have been able to serve victims abroad and many willing hands have served in clearing away debris and helping rebuild in the U.S. and abroad after disasters.

A very special part of our Christmas is preparing and collecting shoe boxes full of gifts to be given to some of the poorest children around the world through Operation Christmas Child. Participation is church-wide by all ages and you won't want to miss it come November.

To find out more about this exemplary ministry, go to Samaritan's Purse.


If you'd like to help in the work of this ministry as opportunities come available through our church, please let us know ONLINE. If you prefer, you may call our church office at 951-352-8685 or include a note on your registration card Sunday morning.